Chief Executive, Alison Rose, commented

“NatWest Group delivered a strong performance in the first half of 2022, building on two years of progress against our strategic priorities. We are growing our lending to customers and continuing our £3 billion investment programme to create a simpler and better banking experience whilst delivering sustainable dividends and returns for our shareholders.

We know that continued increases in the cost of living are impacting people, families and businesses across the UK and we have put in place a range of targeted measures to support those who are likely to need it most. Our strong levels of profitability and capital generation mean we are well positioned to provide this support.

By building deeper relationships with our customers at every stage of their lives, we will deliver sustainable growth and help them to thrive in a challenging environment.”


Strong H1 2022 performance

- H1 2022 attributable profit of £1,891 million and a return on tangible equity of 13.1%. The cost:income ratio was 58.3% in the first half compared with 67.6% in H1 2021.

- Excluding notable items, income in the Go-forward group increased by £819 million, or 16.2%, compared with H1 2021 principally reflecting the impact of base rate increases and volume growth.

- Bank net interest margin (NIM) of 2.72% was 26 basis points higher than Q1 2022 driven by the impact of base rate rises.

- Other operating expenses in the Go-forward group were £50 million, or 1.5%, lower than H1 2021.

 - H1 2022 operating profit before impairments in the Go-forward group was £2,787 million, up 53.5% on H1 2021.

- A net impairment release of £46 million in the Go-forward group in H1 2022 reflected the low levels of realised losses we continue to see across our portfolio, although we continue to monitor our book given the uncertain economic outlook.


Robust balance sheet underpins sustainable growth

- Go-forward group net lending increased by £9.3 billion during H1 2022 to £361.6 billion, with growth well balanced across the business.

- Customer deposits in the Go-forward group increased by £14.8 billion during H1 2022 to £476.2 billon.

- The liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) of 159%, representing £76.1 billion above 100%, decreased by 13 percentage points compared with Q4 2021.


Continued strong capital generation supports substantial distributions to shareholders

- We are pleased to announce an interim dividend of 3.5 pence per share, up 17% on 2021 and a special dividend with share consolidation of £1,750 million, or 16.8 pence per share, subject to shareholder approval. Taken together these will deliver 20.3p of dividends per share.

- When combined with the directed buyback in the first quarter, the proposed interim and special dividends bring total distributions deducted from capital in the first half to £3.3 billion, or c.32 pence per share.

- CET1 ratio of 14.3% was c.160 basis points lower than 1 January 2022 as total distributions of c.190 basis points and increased RWAs of c.30 basis points were partially offset by the attributable profit of c.110 basis points.

- RWAs increased by £3.5 billion compared to 1 January 2022 to £179.8 billion.


Watch CEO Alison Rose speak about our H1 Results and how we’re supporting customers, colleagues & communities through the continued rise in the cost of living:

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