A summary of our Q3 2022 Results

Chief Executive, Alison Rose, commented:

“In a challenging environment, NatWest Group continues to deliver a strong financial performance; supporting our customers, responsibly growing our lending and making significant investments to transform the bank. 

At a time of increased economic uncertainty, we are acutely aware of the challenges that people, families and businesses are facing up and down the country. Although we are not yet seeing signs of heightened financial distress, we are very conscious of the growing concerns of our customers and we are closely monitoring any changes to their finances or behaviours.

The bank’s strong capital and liquidity mean we are able to help those who are likely to need it the most, through support for our community partners, proactive outreach to our customers or targeted lending packages for the most impacted sectors.”


Strong Q3 2022 performance

  • Q3 2022 attributable profit of £187 million and a return on tangible equity of 2.9% and 12.1% excluding Ulster Bank RoI.
  • Excluding notable items, income in the Go-forward group increased by £923 million, or 36.8%, compared with Q3 2021 principally reflecting the impact of volume growth, increased transactional related fees and yield curve movements.
  • Bank net interest margin (NIM) of 2.99% was 27 basis points higher than Q2 2022 driven by the impact of base rate rises.
  • Other operating expenses in the Go-forward group were £87 million, or 1.8%, higher for the year to date. We do, however, remain on track to achieve our 2022 cost reduction target of around 3%.
  • A net impairment charge of £242 million in the Go-forward group in Q3 2022 principally reflects revision of scenario weightings, with more weight being placed on the downside scenario, and not due to underlying book performance where conditions continue to be benign.
  • Total Ulster Bank RoI including discontinued operations reported a loss of €652 million in the quarter, which included a €419 million loss associated with the reclassification of UBIDAC mortgages to fair value.

Robust balance sheet with strong capital and liquidity levels

  • Net lending balances for the Go-forward group increased by £9.9 billion during Q3 2022 to £371.5 billion, with growth balanced across the business.
  • Go-forward group customer deposits decreased by £14.5 billion to £461.7 billion compared with Q2 2022, primarily driven by a reduction in Treasury repo activity of £7.6 billion and an £8.0 billion reduction in Commercial & Institutional reflecting reversal of short term inflows in Q2 2022 and general seasonal fluctuations in liquidity.
  • The liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) of 156%, representing £67.8 billion headroom above 100% minimum requirement, decreased by 3 percentage points compared with Q2 2022, reflecting shareholder distributions, redemption of senior debt and maturing commercial papers and certificates of deposit.
  • CET1 ratio of 14.3% was flat on Q2 2022 as the attributable profit and reduction in RWAs was offset by accruals for foreseeable dividends and pension contributions.
  • RWAs reduced by £1.3 billion in the quarter to £178.5 billion.


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