NatWest joins forces with energy experts with the aim of helping business make savings

NatWest, the UK’s biggest bank for business1, is today announcing that it has joined forces with energy experts Perse and Absolar* with the aim of helping business make savings.

Supporting businesses to reduce their energy usage, cut their costs and decarbonise their operations is key to NatWest’s mission to tackle climate change. Research by the bank has found that, with the right support, half of the UK’s carbon reduction ambition could be achieved by UK small and medium-sized enterprises, and the majority of SMEs would stand to benefit financially from reducing their carbon emissions. However, in a survey by the bank less than 10% of SMEs surveyed said they see climate action as a source for future growth3.


Through its new partnership with Perse, NatWest is supporting businesses on their journey to net zero with access to free and instantly personalised recommendations on how they can reduce their energy usage. By optimising energy procurement, making easy tweaks to everyday operations and helping businesses to identify the right low carbon technology for them, Perse has already saved its customers over £1 million and 4,000 tonnes of CO2.


NatWest is also today announcing a new partnership with Absolar, to provide businesses with the tools to find out whether solar energy could be the right move for them. Absolar’s technology captures the solar potential of premises remotely and gives an estimate of the savings a business could make by using solar power. With reports typically returned within 48 hours, businesses can quickly get a view of their options and access a directory of certified suppliers in their area.


James Holian, Head of Business Banking at NatWest, said:

“As the UK’s biggest bank for business, we know that many business owners want their businesses to be more sustainable, but find it difficult to know where to start.  We want to help business owners navigate this complexity and connect them to resources and insights so they can both help tackle climate change and grow their businesses.  That’s why we are proud to launch these new partnerships. Through these, we look forward to giving businesses the tools they need, both to save money and to decarbonise their operations.”


Jane Lucy, Co-founder CEO of Perse, said:

“At Perse, we are proud to join forces with NatWest to help businesses unlock new energy savings, boost resilience and generate tangible carbon reduction. Our personalised recommendations and expertise enables businesses to focus on the right measures for them. Through this partnership, we look forward to empowering even more businesses to embrace sustainable practices and achieve their energy efficiency and financial goals."


Nic Cory, Director at Absolar, said:

“We are delighted to partner with NatWest in their commitment to helping businesses access the potential of solar energy. Through our innovative technology, we aim to provide a wider audience of businesses with quick and accurate assessments of their solar potential, allowing data-led and informed decisions about investing in solar power. By highlighting the significant cost savings and environmental benefits together with providing certainty of investment costs, we can accelerate the transition to a greener future and drive financial success for businesses.”



Notes to editors

1.     ‘NatWest, the UK’s number 1 Commercial Bank’ is based on NatWest Group having the highest main-bank market share (28.7%) and the highest net-promoter score for businesses with a turnover over £2m as measured by MarketVue Business Banking from Savanta at Q4 2022

2.     NatWest has partnered Absolar and Perse to bring its business customers services that could help them to understand their energy usage, reduce their costs and take action to save money and cut carbon. See Energy Help and Support for more details.

3.     In 2021 research by NatWest found that half of the UK’s carbon reduction ambition can be delivered by SMEs and with the right support, reducing emissions will make financial sense for up to 70% of businesses by 2030. See A Springboard to Sustainable Recovery for more details.



About NatWest Group

NatWest Group is a relationship bank for a digital world. We champion potential; breaking down barriers and building financial confidence so the 19 million people, families and businesses we serve in communities throughout the UK and Ireland can rebuild and thrive. If our customers succeed, so will we.


About Perse

Perse is an open platform that helps consumers & businesses reduce their costs & carbon emissions. With unparalleled access to 2 billion points of real time data that analyses then automates tailored recommendations, we’re committed to help everyone find their own path to net-zero.


About Absolar

Absolar uses state-of-the-art AI and Remote Sensing tools, together with experienced solar designers and engineers, to accurately assess the solar potential of rooftops. It combines these cutting-edge technologies with up-to-date market data to provide certainty over installation costs and investment returns. Absolar offers a complete solution through their network of approved suppliers or their own accredited turnkey offering, encompassing project management, procurement, on-site supervision, and ongoing support to ensure the highest system performance, empowering businesses to confidently adopt sustainable investment. With Absolar's innovative technology and engineering expertise, the future of solar energy is brighter than ever.



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Lucy Chislett

Media Relations, NatWest Group



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