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NatWest Group and AWS to deliver personalised banking experience

NatWest Group is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create and deliver a personalised, data-driven banking experience that will anticipate the services customers want and when they will need them.

NatWest Group is working with AWS to bring together data from across its business, to gain an even deeper understanding of its customers’ interactions with the bank.

By applying AWS machine learning and data analytics services, NatWest Group will derive new insights and be able to predict and adapt to customers’ future banking needs across the bank’s retail, wealth and commercial operations.


NatWest Group Chief Executive, Alison Rose, said:

“Collaborating with Amazon Web Services is an exciting step in our journey to become a truly data-driven bank. A bank that delivers sustainable growth by building closer and deeper relationships with the 19 million customers we serve; meeting their evolving needs and taking action on the issues they care about.

“This collaboration recognises the strength of our vision, our people, and our data capability. It will allow us to better serve our customers across the bank by developing financial products that are frictionless, more personalised, and easier to understand and compare. By working with AWS we can achieve this quickly, easily and at scale.”


Bringing together leading data, analytics and machine learning with 300 years of financial services experience, this new capability will create a tailored banking experience that delivers personalised support to meet customers’ daily financial needs - whether that’s helping to buy a house, saving for the future, learning critical money management skills or setting up and growing a business.


Scott Mullins, General Manager, AWS Worldwide Financial Services, said:

“We’re excited to be helping NatWest Group reinvent their customers’ banking experience. NatWest Group’s move to AWS and their use of our machine learning tools that make it easier and faster to build, train, and deploy machine learning models, will provide data-driven insights from across the organisation, enabling them to respond quickly to customers’ needs, bring innovation to market faster, and scale up services to meet the demands of their business now and in the future. We look forward to collaborating with them on this transformative, customer-focused journey.”

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