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NatWest leads in bank-verified digital identity by integrating OneID® in Adobe® Acrobat Sign®

NatWest has become the first UK bank to use bank-verified digital identity to enable people from different countries to prove their identity in the fastest and easiest way.  

The integration reinforces NatWest’s commitment to leveraging innovative technologies to deliver seamless, simplified, and secure customer experiences.

Setting a precedent for other UK banks, NatWest Bank will use OneID®’s bank-verified digital identity solution for NatWest’s Structured Finance business in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The solution brings certainty of identity that transcends borders.

Now, any individual who has online banking in the UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway can verify their identity using their bank before signing a NatWest leasing agreement.

The switch to OneID® comes after NatWest reviewed the existing verification processes for document and contract signing for its leasing business in the Nordics.

The traditional 'text authorisation' or 'one-time password' method typically added as a security measure to make sure the right person is signing a document was found inadequate for their requirements of both security and efficiency. It introduced friction and the possibility of fraud in a process where certainty and speed are paramount.

A more robust and frictionless solution was required.

Instead of restricting people to just one method of verifying their identity, NatWest wanted to offer a single solution that would combine different methods of verification, thereby allowing more people to benefit from the improved process.

The one thing that has greater reach than a physical ID document in the digital age is the digital relationship people have with their bank. NatWest decided to confirm the identity of individuals using bank-verified identity through OneID®.  


Kevin Dearing, Head of Bank of APIs at NatWest, commented:

“Through utilising OneID’s Digital Identity solution within Adobe® Acrobat Sign®, NatWest is streamlining business processes while strengthening the security of signatories. NatWest has been enabling customers to consent to share bank-held identity attributes with OneID so it is great to see a use case for these services emerge from within NatWest.”


Simon Jacobson, Application Owner NatWest Nordisk Renting, commented:

“Through allowing signatories from across the Nordics and UK to verify their identity with their Bank with OneID and Adobe® Acrobat Sign®, the business process is being reduced from days to hours, while also allowing us to improve against our commitment to sustainability.”


Commenting on the partnership, OneID® CEO Paula Sussex said,

“NatWest’s partnership with OneID exemplifies their commitment to deliver innovation and security in its identity verification processes. OneID’s solution perfectly delivers on this commitment and supports NatWest’s drive to deliver a seamless and secure banking experience for its customers.”


The OneID® unified solution offers NatWest customers – across borders and nationalities – three quick and easy ways to verify themselves digitally:

1.    OneID®’s UK-based bank-verified digital identity verification – for customers with UK bank accounts.

2.    Using local bank ID solutions – enabling customers with Nordic bank accounts to verify themselves.

3.    Document-scanning ID solutions –  OneID®’s document-scanning solution confirming identity via government identity documents.

OneID’s digital identity solution provides global coverage in over 200 countries. This integrated approach within Adobe® Acrobat Sign® ensures a secure and streamlined document, with the most inclusive signing experience for internal and external stakeholders.

The NatWest adoption of OneID®’s bank-verified solution spans the UK and the Nordics, including Sweden, Finland, and Norway, positioning it as the preferred method for individuals to verify their identity within NatWest’s Nordic leasing business.

The transition enhances security and reduces friction, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

This follows from announcements last year of OneID consuming NatWest Group’s Customer Attribute Sharing proposition. 

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