• Over a third (38%) of the British adults say financial habits are more important for compatibility in a relationship than wanting children or getting married
  • A quarter (25%) would be put off by a date if they had a low credit score but nearly half (45%) don’t know what a credit score is
  • Dating expert Charlene Douglas reveals the top questions you should be asking your partner to check your financial and relationship compatibility
  • NatWest’s free Know Your Credit Score tool offers personalised financial information and is available for everyone, including non-NatWest customers.


Financial compatibility has been revealed as one of the top 10 most important factors when it comes to seeking a new lover according to a new study released today. The research suggests money management (38%) trumps physical looks (32%), a joint desire to have children (16%) and wanting to get married (15%) by a considerable margin.

The study of 2,000 British adults, was conducted by Onepoll on behalf of NatWest, as they launch their free Know Your Credit Score tool to everyone, including non-NatWest customers as part of the bank’s commitment to help more people improve their financial wellness.

However, whilst financial knowledge is important, it’s not wealth that the nation is looking for in a partner – with just 16% of people thinking this is a relationship must. Instead, over half (55%) of Brits are looking for a love interest who shares their longer-term values and when asked about the success of relationships two in three (65%) believe financial and sexual compatibility are equally important.


  1. Good sense of humour (68%)
  2. Friendship (62%)
  3. Shared interests (61%)
  4. Intelligence (53%)
  5. Romance (42%)
  6. Good sex life (40%)
  7. Good financial health (38%)
  8. In good shape (33%)
  9. Good looks (32%)
  10. Good financial knowledge (26%)
  11. Same taste in music (23%)
  12. Shared political beliefs (23%)
  13. Wanting children/to start a family (16%)
  14. Money/wealth (16%)
  15. Wanting to get married (15%)

The survey revealed major differences between spending and saving habits were clear indicators that their partner was likely not the one. Almost half (45%) admitted they’d consider calling it quits if their partner would prioritise going out over financial stability, and if poor saving habits meant they couldn’t do things such as buy a home (32%) or travel the world with their significant other (24%).

Nearly one in five (19%) daters between 18-24 also admitted they’d cancel a date if they found out their potential suitor was reckless with their finances.

When dating online, one in 20 (6%) would even like to see more singletons include their credit score on their profiles. With nearly seven in 10 (68%) admitting online dating would be much simpler if everyone was honest about their financial health.

When in the dating stage, it takes as many as six romantic meetings, on average, before they are comfortable talking about their finances – but for one in 10 (11%), it’s never something you should talk about.

However, good financial habits are not just something we find attractive in others. When surveyed, eight in 10 (80%) agreed they feel more positive about life in general when they are on top of their money and just under half of people (45%) said when they feel financially healthy, they feel more attractive, which can have a hugely positive impact on your relationship with partners and even friends (67%).


Dating expert Charlene Douglas says: “Checking in on your financial wellness not only helps you feel like you’re in control but brings with it a sense of pride and determination that radiates to those around you.

By understanding your partner’s financial habits and priorities – and having regular, open conversations to align on those priorities, you can work together to achieve goals and reduce conflict in your romantic relationships.”


Despite the huge role that finances play in our day-to-day, almost a quarter (24%) of Brits aged 18-25 admitted they have little idea what a credit score is, that’s despite 75% Gen Z-ers being aware of the impact a low credit score can have on their future.

We’re aiming to help people improve their financial wellbeing and improve the financial compatibility of couples across the nation, by making our Know Your Credit Score tool to non-customers for the first time.

To help people improve their wellbeing and to help improve the financial compatibility of couples across the nation, NatWest launched its Know Your Credit Score tool to non-customers for the first time.

The free tool, available via the NatWest app to customers and on the NatWest website for non customers, offers a free credit check, plus information on how to improve your credit score. The aim of the tool is to help build the financial capability of the nation preparing for big life events such as buying a home, a car and making sure they are prepared for the future.  

Additionally, users of the tool (including non-banking customers) can access free financial information and support from a NatWest colleague in-branch or online.


Phil Sheehy, Head of Short Term Borrowing at NatWest said: "Relationships can be built on an understanding of how to manage money – as ultimately, this has a big role when things get serious.

But when starting out in any new relationship, it has never been more important couples have these shared values when it comes to their finances.

That’s why we have created NatWest’s Know Your Credit Score tool which is a free service available to everyone, including non-NatWest customers to help give personalised insights and tools to help them understand their finances and grow their financial compatibility.”


To find out more information and to use the NatWest Know Your Credit Score tool, visit Know Your Credit Score




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Information about Know Your Credit Score


For Non-bank

Know Your Credit Score is free to use and available for those aged 18 and over with an address in the UK, Isle of Man, or Channel Islands following a successful registration with TransUnion. All data is provided by TransUnion and you don’t need to be a NatWest customer

For Existing Customers

Credit score available once opted in through the app to customers aged 18+, with a UK address and is provided by TransUnion. App available to customers aged 11+ with a compatible device and a UK or international mobile number from specific countries.




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Notes to Editors

The survey of 2,000 Brits was conducted by Onepoll in June 2023 on behalf of NatWest.

NatWest’s Know Your Credit score uses data from TransUnion


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