To support our colleagues’ wellbeing, we’re offering menopause support via the Peppy Health app.

The app provides support for colleagues and their partners at any stage of menopause, from as early as having initial symptoms to post-menopause. colleagues can access one-to-one virtual consultations with experts, group live broadcasts, events and much more.


Speaking about the launch, Jen Tippin, NatWest Group Chief People & Transformation Officer said:

“Women of menopausal age (45-55) make up a fast-growing demographic of the UK workforce – 78% say they would feel uncomfortable talking about menopause at work including with their own line manager, 95% of businesses recognise that menopausal symptoms have a negative impact on employees’ work, and 1 in 4 women going through menopause consider leaving their job due to their symptoms.  

“While some will sail through, 3 in 4 experience symptoms and as many as 1 in 4 have serious symptoms, yet around half have never consulted a healthcare professional about their menopause. It's for these reasons that I am delighted to share the introduction of free menopause support, via the Peppy Health app, to our team and their partners or spouses at NatWest Group.

“Our partnership with Peppy will give our colleagues and their partners access to personalised advice, practical information and a structured wellbeing support programmes from expert practitioners, as well as a wider support community.

“Menopause is a really important health topic, which affects many of us, and I’m proud we’re continuing to champion the wellbeing of our colleagues by offering this service.”


The App is available now for colleagues in the UK, Offshore and ROI and will be launched globally in October 2022. 

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