Championing potential

Our purpose is to champion the potential of people, families and businesses. Read more about the areas we can make the biggest impact in our customers’ lives.

Supporting and driving enterprise

Confidence through learning

Combating climate change

Sustainable future

Our purpose-led strategy puts sustainability at the heart of our future. We are building a more sustainable bank, bringing stronger governance, stronger policies and a more sustainable framework at the centre of our strategy. This tightly integrated approach means we will create more sustainable value for a wider range of stakeholder groups.

2020 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) supplement

Watch this animation and read about our purpose in action and how this is helping us to drive positive change.

Delivering on our purpose

In these challenging times championing potential has never been more important.

Strategic Report 2020

We champion potential, helping people, families and businesses to thrive. Find out more in our Strategic Report.

Climate related disclosures report 2020

Details our progress in 2020 on our climate ambitions including an overview of our approach to climate related, strategy scenario analysis, risk management and metrics.

How we create value

Read more about how we create value for our customers and society.

Our approach

We’re taking big steps to build a more sustainable bank. And we’re focused on becoming a more responsible company. Our brands and our people do business in a safe, simple, smart and sustainable way.


In order to help drive the UK transition to a low carbon economy, it takes bold actions. Find out about our environmental commitments to take action.


If our customers do well, if our economy does well and if our communities do well, then we all succeed. We have the potential to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Case Studies

Read our stories to learn how we’re building a more sustainable bank. Discover the successes and experiences of real-life customers. Find out how we help with employing staff, business planning and ways to borrow for business.

Awards and Recognition

We’re on a journey to become a more sustainable bank and a responsible company. And we’re proud when our efforts for our customers, businesses, communities and the environment are recognised along the way. Take a look at the awards we’ve won so far.


We’ve got information on topics such as employing staff and business planning. Take a look at our reports and policies.