Sustainable banking at NatWest Group

We are building a bank led by a sense of purpose; a more sustainable bank, doing business in a more sustainable way.

Thinking about the future

We are building a strong, simple, and smart bank. We, like our customers and our communities, are faced with unprecedented disruption. Recognising that the way people live their lives is changing as their communities are reshaped, business is now tasked with a broad set of expectations; to not only deliver a sustainable financial performance but in doing so, make an emphatically positive contribution to society.

We have strong foundations to help people, families and businesses to thrive and to contribute to social, economic and environmental progress for the UK and Ireland.

Embedded in the way we work is the will to balance the interests of our multiple groups of stakeholders – from customers and communities, to colleagues and shareholders. So our purpose and environmental, social and governance considerations will sit at the core of all decision making. These pages provide more information on our approach and the work that we do.

We have identified three areas of focus where we can make a substantial impact in addressing challenges that threaten to hold people, families and businesses back:

  • Enterprise, and the barriers that too many face to starting a business;
  • Learning, and what we can do to improve financial capability and confidence for our customers, as well as establishing a dynamic learning culture for our employees; and
  • Climate, and the role we can play in accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy.

We will start with a series of commitments and interventions, and have set ourselves targets accordingly. As one of the Founding Signatories of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking, we committed further align our strategy with the 2015 Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We will be a more sustainable bank, led by a strong sense of purpose, helping people, families and businesses across the UK and Ireland to thrive.

Find out more about our plans and future targets.


Kirsty Britz, Director of Sustainable Banking