Customer Advocacy

We are driving customer-led change

NatWest Group is committed to providing great customer service and competitive products. There is a huge focus on improving customer advocacy and driving customer-led change within the bank in order to improve our position relative to our competitors.

We have established closed-loop feedback within the bank to ensure that we listen, learn and act on customer feedback. Additionally, we have designed a series of independent surveys to measure our progress on customer service and product offers across all the divisions of the bank. These scores and customer feedback are reported at Board level and used to shape our strategy and improve our products. We challenge our colleagues in the bank to follow up on the feedback and to put the customer at the heart of new product design and service improvements.

Customer metrics are also tracked by an external agency, alongside other bank scores, and reported with our financial results. 

In addition, the Service Quality Survey launched by the Competition & Markets Authority in 2018 helps us to benchmark our progress against other banks in the UK.

Read the numbers behind NPS (*) and customer trust (PDF 3.4MB)

(*) Limited assurance provided by Ernst & Young LLP.