Our ring-fencing plans explained

We've made some changes to the way our business is structured. This was to prepare for a change in UK law relating to ring-fencing. The majority of our customers didn't need to do anything as they were not affected.

NatWest Group, along with other major UK banks, is required by UK law to separate everyday banking services from investment banking. This separation is called ring-fencing and is designed to make banking safer and to help protect the UK economy. It became law from 1 January 2019.

What this means for our customers

The majority of our customers experienced very little change. They continued to use the same bank account, with the same cards and cheque books. For those customers where there may have been any difference in products, or how we provided them, we were in touch to explain this fully.

Most of the changes we have had to make are now complete.


Ringfencing - why is it happening and the rules?

Our product offerings

Ring-fencing Transfer Scheme & documents