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Our ambition is to support the financial wellbeing of our customers and communities. We aim to champion the potential of people and families at every stage of their lives. By working to create a society which is financially confident and resilient, we want to empower people to take control of their finances and their futures, and to make the most of their money.

We achieved our 2020-2023 financial capability ambitions

During 2023, we reached targets set in 2020 to support the financial capability of our customers and communities.


Ambition 1: 15 million financial capability interactions by 2023 (SDG 4.4, 4.6 and 10.2)

We delivered 4.3 million(*) financial capability interactions in 2023, with a cumulative total of 18.4 million(*) interactions against the strategic ambition of 15 million between 2020 and 2023. This comprised of the following:


4.9 million

Financial Health Check

3.3 million

Financial Capability products and features^

9.8 million

Fraud & Financial education

0.4 million


18.4 million

^Including Spending features and Know Your Credit Score

Ambition 2: Help two million additional customers start saving by 2023 (SDG 10.2)

Our success measures are based on the number of customers who saved £100 for the first time in the reporting period ended 31st December 2023 compared with the January 2020 baseline. During 2023, we helped an additional 0.6 million(*) customers start to save, with a cumulative total of 2.3 million(*) customers against the 2020 strategic ambition of 2 million between 2020 and 2023.

We now have an ambition to help 10 million people, per year, manage their financial wellbeing by 2027

(SDG 1.4, 8.10, 10.2)

During 2023, we set an ambition to help 10 million people, per year, manage their financial wellbeing by 2027.(1) We aim to help people manage their financial wellbeing through digital tools and personalised engagement. This ambition is based on helping people with our existing financial wellbeing tools and functions, including Financial Health Checks, Know Your Credit Score tool, Savings Goal tool, Savings Round Ups, Spending Features, as well as providing access to new propositions in the future.

Our new ambition is baselined against c.6m(*) customers we supported to manage their financial wellbeing for the year ended 31 December 2023. In 2024, we will continue to enhance our proposition and develop our measurement approach to support our 2027 ambition.(2) Our financial wellbeing ambition supersedes our financial capability ambitions.

Full details can be found in our 2023 Sustainability Basis of Reporting.

Digital Financial Wellbeing Tool

Refer to our 2023 Sustainability Basis of Reporting for more information on the financial wellbeing metric.

Financial health checks

Our trained Senior Personal Bankers provide free reviews of personal finances for customers, helping them to understand their financial position and focus on their goals. We delivered 358,000 Financial Health Checks in 2023.

Financial Education Programmes


MoneySense is our free financial education programme that aims to help 5-to 18-year-olds learn about money at home as well as in schools.

In 2023, MoneySense continued to help young people prepare for the transition from school to independent living and towards a better financial future.

Through the MoneySense schools programme we reached 1.1 million young people during 2023.

Financial Foundations Workshops

Developing good money practices and financial confidence has never been more important. From people who worry about money every day, to those who struggle to talk about their finances, our Financial Foundations Workshops are designed to empower participants to take control of their money and futures.

NatWest Thrive

NatWest Thrive, our financial wellbeing and life readiness programme, helps young people build the money mindset, self-belief and skills they need to feel more confident about their financial future. In February 2023, we announced three commitments to support young people to improve their financial wellbeing and feel more confident about their future.

To find out more, please see page 16 of our 2023 ESG Disclosures Report.

Supporting financial inclusion