About NatWest Group

Thrive together

By building ever deeper relationships with our customers, by taking action on the issues they care about and by supporting them more effectively at key stages of their lives, we can help our customers to thrive.

Our Purpose

NatWest Group champions potential, helping people, families and businesses to thrive. Because when they thrive, so do we. Our purpose guides and underpins everything we do. It enables us to build long-term value, to invest for growth, to make a positive contribution to society and to drive sustainable returns for shareholders.

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Our Stakeholders

We aim to balance the different interests of our stakeholders – customers, investors, colleagues, communities, regulators and suppliers – in all our decision-making, especially when there are difficult choices to be made. We also recognise the need for transparency and openness, regularly engaging and seeking the views of our stakeholders. 

Our robust balance sheet, strong capital position and capital generative businesses mean we are well placed to support our customers and invest for growth, as well as driving sustainable returns to shareholders and creating long-term value for all our stakeholders.







Our Strategy

We are a relationship bank for a digital world. Our strategy for growth delivers on our purpose and drives sustainable returns to shareholders through four strategic priorities: we will support our customers at every stage of their lives; we will be powered by innovation and partnerships as we accelerate our digital transformation; we will be simple to deal with; and we will allocate our capital in a way that delivers for customers and shareholders.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of how we deliver our purpose-led strategy. In 2021, responding to feedback from stakeholders, we engaged with colleagues, customers and communities to re-envision a modernised set of values that fully align with our strategic priorities. 

Our Positive Impact

We recognise the huge responsibilities that our role brings – from supporting the day-to-day financial needs of 19 million customers, to the positive impacts we can have on the environment and wider society. We have identified three focus areas where we can make a meaningful contribution and build long-term value in our business:

We have made addressing the climate challenge and supporting our customers in their transition to net zero a key strategic priority.

We are committed to removing barriers to enterprise and providing businesses in the UK the support they need to grow.

We are helping people to take control of their finances, to make the most of their money, safely and securely –now and in the future.