Ethnically diverse

We are committed to identifying, developing and advancing Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues as we strive to achieve our target of having 14% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues in our CEO-4 and above UK roles by 2025.

We also have a target to have Black colleagues occupying 3% of CEO-5 and above UK roles by 2025.

For full information please refer to our 2021 Annual Reports & Accounts (PDF 13MB)2021 ESG supplement (PDF 10MB) and non-financial information datasheet PDF (898KB)

Our positive action approach (PDF 20MB), which we benchmark externally, is helping to ensure that our people policies and processes are inclusive and accessible – from how we attract and recruit, to how we reward and engage colleagues. We’re confident this approach is the right one and through time it will help us achieve a better balance of diversity throughout the organisation.

Read about our Multicultural employee-led network here.


Ethnicity Pay Gap

In line with our commitment to transparency under the UK Government's Race at Work Charter and in anticipation of a requirement to disclose our ethnicity pay gap, we have voluntarily disclosed our ethnicity pay gap for NatWest Group combined UK & Ireland.

For 2021 (PDF 120KB)

For 2020 (PDF 1KB)

Banking on Racial Equality: A Positive Roadmap For Change

In June 2020 our CEO established a Racial Equality Taskforce led by the co-chairs of our Multicultural Employee Led Network, to help us listen, learn and better understand the issues faced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues, customers and communities.

The Taskforce brought together partners, colleagues and leaders from across the Group, challenging them to expand, enhance or accelerate existing projects and initiatives designed to reduce inequalities. In October 2020, the Taskforce published a report (PDF 3MB) setting out ten commitments, and the actions required to meet those commitments, to make a meaningful difference in tackling inequalities.

This year, we published a first anniversary update on the report, setting out the progress we’ve made on our commitments and our target for improved inclusion of Black colleagues. The report can be accessed here (PDF 4MB).