Our business needs to reflect the communities we serve, so that we can cater to them to the best of our ability. We want to give everyone who works here, and every customer who comes into contact with us, the chance to succeed and the support to thrive. And until that’s everyone’s lived experience, we’ll work to make it a reality. We are committed to becoming ethnically diverse with a focus on the recruitment, retention and advancement of colleagues from ethnic minority backgrounds. We aim to meet our ambitions to have 14% of colleagues from ethnic minority backgrounds in our CEO-4 and above positions and 3% Black colleagues in our CEO-5 and above positions in the UK by 2025.

For full information please refer to our 2023 Annual Report & Accounts (PDF 19.6MB)2023 ESG Disclosures Report (PDF 8.8MB) and non-financial information datasheet (780KB)

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy (PDF 143KB) is focused on ensuring that our people policies and processes are inclusive and accessible – from how we attract and recruit, to how we reward and engage colleagues. We’re confident in our approach and through time it will help us achieve a better balance of diversity and continue our work to be an inclusive bank.

Read about our Multicultural employee-led network here.


Ethnicity Pay Gap

In line with our commitment to transparency under the UK Government's Race at Work Charter, we have voluntarily disclosed our ethnicity pay gap for NatWest Group UK. This year we have disaggregated our ethnicity pay gaps to compare Asian, Black, mixed/multiple and other ethnic minority colleagues average hourly pay to that of White colleagues.

For 2023 PDF 1.7MB)

For 2022 (PDF 1.6MB)

For 2021 (PDF 120KB)

For 2020 (PDF 1KB)

Banking on Racial Equality: A Positive Roadmap For Change

In 2020 our CEO established a Racial Equality Taskforce, to listen, learn and better understand the barriers faced by colleagues, customers and communities from ethnic minority backgrounds. The Taskforce brought together partners, colleagues and leaders from across the Group, challenging them to expand, enhance or accelerate existing projects and initiatives. In October 2020, the Taskforce set out ten commitments in the Banking on Racial Equality Report with annual updates provided on progress. 

Our commitments to Racial Equality – 6 months on

Our commitments to Racial Equality – one year on

Banking on Racial Equality – two years on

Ethnicity Advisory Council

In 2021 we re-established our Ethnicity Advisory Council, made up of diversity and inclusion leaders and specialists, to provide critical challenge, guidance and direction on our ethnicity and inclusion strategy.