The branch is high-tech and modern, and has done away with the traditional counter, freeing up staff freed to help customers, to do what they want to do quickly & efficiently, or where the customer has time, help identify ways to get more from their Bank.

Brian Holland, who is leading the branch transformation for RBS and NatWest, says:  "The Bankside area is regenerating, with many busy office workers, as well as residents who want to do their banking. It's great to have NatWest open a new location in their area."

“Going forward, we'll tailor our branches to ensure we have the right staff and facilities on hand, relevant to the communities  they are in. Here at Bankside,  we've freed up our staff from behind the counter to help our customers carry out their banking in the easiest way that suits them. We've increased the number of deposit and withdrawal machines for both cash, coin and cheques, and added an ipad bar to demonstrate our industry leading mobile and on-line banking."

Holland added that if a customer wanted to sort their finances or see one of the team for advice, they can use private spaces created at the back of the branch.  

Customers can access the Bankside branch from 8am until 8 pm every day of the week, and there is an external ATM 24 hours a day where you can withdraw cash as well as deposit cash and cheques.

Julia Hare, Bankside  Branch Manager, says the branch has been warmly welcomed by people working in the area, as previously the closest ATM was a good 10 minute walk away at London Bridge.

“We have been very busy, particularly at lunchtimes, customers are happy to do their transactions at the machines or on the  iPads. We are on hand to help those who have not tried online banking before . Many customers didn't know they could access their account on-line, and are delighted when we show them how to save time,” she says.

“I personally love it. My favourite thing is dealing with customers, and being out here (she gestures at the open plan branch) to meet them is fantastic.”

One customer said the branch exactly matched his banking needs: “I do all my banking online, so I don’t go to a branch other than to pay cheques in or get money out. This is brilliant.”

RBS will be opening other new styles of branch in the Moorgate, Chancery Lane and Liverpool Street areas of London later on in 2013, and will be refurbishing, reformatting and rebuilding around 200 branches throughout the UK during the rest of 2013.

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