The judges commented that Coutts’ “commitment to leadership in philanthropy and dedication to actionable intelligence” helps clients ensure their giving is as impactful and sustainable as possible.

The Coutts Institute was set up in 2005 to help customers to develop their own personal giving strategies so that it makes a real difference to the causes and communities they care about and is rewarding for them and their families.

Building on a 300-year tradition of philanthropy, the Coutts Institute works alongside private bankers and wealth managers to integrate philanthropy into conversations with clients as part of Coutt's long-standing premise that wealth management is more than money management. They bring clients together in the Coutts Forums for Philanthropy - the forums are an opportunity for customers to learn from some of the world's leading philanthropists, to share ideas and experiences with peers and explore opportunities for collaboration. Considered thought leaders in the field of philanthropy, the Coutts Institute produces the Coutts Million Dollar Donors report, the Coutts Handbook for Philanthropy and briefing papers on an array of topics such as the role Philanthropy can play in supporting approaches to combat climate change.

The long-standing philanthropic services that Coutts provide to customers forms part of its goal to operate in a sustainable way. RBS has recently published its Sustainability Report 2015 setting out how it runs its business sustainably and responsibly.

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