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From morning coffee to commute home – we’re always open

Managing your personal finances has become a 24 hour possibility, whether you’re paying bills over morning coffee, or transferring money to friends on the train journey home, modern technology has changed how and where we bank.

There are so many ways customers can bank with RBS and NatWest. Gone are the days where traditional bank opening hours dictated when you could  get access to your cash.

More than 6 million RBS and NatWest customers are now choosing to do all of their banking digitally and, in a single hour every morning, around 167,000 people log on to the banks' mobile apps, between 7 and 8am.

We understand that not all of our customers want to bank on the move or online and customers who still want an over-the-counter service can go into  our large network of branches or one of the 11,500 Post Offices across the UK to withdraw and deposit cash, pay bills and check their balance free of charge.

As well as our UK-based call centers which are open 24/7,  our customers can also use  social media to ask  a question about their account.  In 2012 we launched our Twitter help teams who are online from 8am – 8pm and webchat which is available 24/7. These channels mean we can help around 1,300 customers a week. 

Jane Howard, MD of Personal and Private Banking said: “Banking today is completely unrecognisable from when I first started working in NatWest 30 years ago. Back then the branch was everything – the sole point of contact for customers and the only way people could interact with their bank.

Technology has changed this forever and we now provide banking in ways that are faster, more flexible and more convenient than I could have dreamt of all those years ago. So much so, that our customers are banking with us at all hours of the day and many feel they no longer have to be stood inside a physical branch to do their banking.

“We will continue to adapt the way we provide banking services based on our customers’ changing needs. Over the years we’ve gone from bank branches to mobile vans; ATMs to mobile apps; a one-stop-shop for personal banking to services available on practically every platform imaginable – so we’re always open.”

If you want to find out more about the different ways to bank with us, visit the RBS and NatWest websites. 

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