NatWest won the accolade for Innovation in Supporting Enterprise at the Financial World Innovation Awards last week.

The Award recognises our innovative approach and the progress made on our Start-up Surgery, Mobile Business School and Business Academy programmes. For those starting out on their enterprise journey, these initiatives provide more face to face business support.

See the list of winners on the IFS website.

The Start up surgeries are held in branches or venues in the communities that we serve, such as council offices and libraries. They are an opportunity for a prospective entrepreneur to get information on starting their own business.

A specially designed bus is the mode of transport for our Mobile Business School, which visits universities and other business support organisations. The aim is to target enterprise education at young people and disadvantaged groups with an interest in entrepreneurship. For some, the prospect of seeking business advice from a branch is a daunting prospect; the bus offers access to information in a different setting.

The NatWest Business Academy supports businesses again through enterprise education, providing them with the tools to achieve their ambitions in business. It hosts networking events and is a resource centre for face to face expert information, supporting prospective as well as existing customers.

"It was great to see NatWest winning the award for Innovation in Supporting Enterprise. We, at Business Launchpad, are delighted to have been involved from the start of these ideas which have provided great access to support and information for the young entrepreneurs we are working with. It has also helped to make sure that the bank is not seen by young people as a scary place to go to but as somewhere that could have a lot of information and support to assist any business, however small. I know that NatWest have also been able to learn so much from the regular interactions with our young people, so everyone wins."

Colin Sambrook, CEO for Business Launchpad

"This fantastic award not only shows we are moving in the right direction in supporting our customers but also shows that we are leading the way in our industry. Such recognition highlights how we are sharing our business expertise in the communities in which we work and further underlines the importance of our Ahead for Business customer promise."

Ian Cowie, CEO of Business & Commercial Banking

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