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Innovative Citizens Advice Bureau partnership extended

Our Debt Management Operations team partnered with Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in September 2015 to support vulnerable customers by referring them to the charity. Jasper Davy, Head of Debt Management Operations at the bank, explains why the pilot is being extended.


I work in Debt Management Operations (DMO) and I support customers when they’re having financial difficulties. Whether a customer has suffered ill health, redundancy or had a change in their circumstances, we are here to offer them support when they need it most.

Our teams are based in Birmingham, Southend and Rotherham but we support customers all over the UK.

Our pilot with CAB, which started in September 2015, has been a huge success. We know that over 63% of customers we have referred to CAB have never had prior advice from them. Of that 63%, 61% have either received the advice they needed immediately on the phone or set up a face to face meeting in their local CAB office. The feedback has been extremely positive with 100% of customers satisfied with the advice received and clear on the steps they need to take.

The partnership has also shown us that our customers’ problems are not always financial in origin. A significant number of vulnerable customers are in their financial position due to mental illness. One of the ways we’ve adapted to this feedback is ensuring that every member of Debt Management Operations becomes a Dementia Friend by the end of 2016. By building our awareness of dementia, we can all help to make sure that customers – and their families – get the support they need from their bank.

It’s great that the pilot is now being extended so that the seamless customer journey from the bank to CAB will continue.

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