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MoneySense for schools

MoneySense for schools is our financial education programme in the UK, where we help children understand how to manage their money better and plan for the future.

Each year we carry out research into the attitudes of young people to money. Last year we surveyed over 12,000 young people and the report revealed the expectation gaps of Britain’s young people and the importance of financial education programmes. Over the last five years, 1 in 10 secondary school students in Great Britain have had a MoneySense lesson. The research told us that children who have had two or more MoneySense lessons have a better knowledge of financial products and services and are more likely to keep track of their spending.

The lessons in schools are delivered by both teachers and employee volunteers using free, impartial materials. Young people can learn everything from budgeting, to calculating APR and managing the finances of any business they might venture into.

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