This week some of my colleagues and I will be attending Sibos in Toronto. For those of you who don’t know, Sibos is an annual financial services conference that brings 8,000 people together from banks, regulators and technology companies from across the world to debate a wide range of financial issues, whilst learning from each other and gaining new perspectives to develop new solutions for our clients. This year’s theme is 'Building for the Future' and there will be a big focus on innovation, technology and how the regulatory landscape is changing to cope with the rapid pace of development in these areas.

For NatWest, we’ll be talking to our clients about what we’re doing to build a technology led bank that will offer the very best services and products, we’ll be asking for feedback to see where we can find room for improvement. A big part of this will involve talking about our drive to partner with FinTech firms to offer great new products – an example of this is our new lending platform Esme, which offers loans to customers in a matter of hours, instead of weeks. And how we’re starting to use AI to help get answers to customer questions much quicker than before whilst freeing up time for our staff to solve more complex queries. We’re also using the very latest in biometric security technology to help protect our customers from online banking fraud.

Innovation and technology are always important themes, in all walks of life and no matter what industry you work in and they have been for hundreds of years. But technological change is now accelerating at a rate never seen before and so as I expected, at this year’s Sibos and as I expect for many Sibos conferences to come, we will spend more and more of our time developing plans to keep pace with this change to ensure bank’s remain relevant to customers and we continue to deliver a first class service that they really value.


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Esme Loans targets UK SMEs with a turnover of over £15k (max £25m).
Businesses need to be Limited Companies and have been trading for a minimum of 18 months.

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