The 'Linkline to Welsh', or 'Llinell Gyswllt', offers a quick turnaround service on short translations of up to 30 words, or proofing of up to 75 words. The service also provides a free translation service for catering businesses wanting to offer their customers bilingual menus.

Mark Douglas, NatWest's regional retail director for Wales, said: "We have built up a very productive relationship with the Board over many years, since we first established our Welsh language policy in 2002. We are very proud to be associated with a service that promotes the use of the Welsh language. With around 19,000 users of the service last year, the LinkLine is already benefiting a lot of people. Having used this fast and reliable service ourselves many times, and at no cost, we are very happy to recommend the service to other organisations and businesses in Wales."

Meri Huws, Chair of the Welsh Language Board, said: "We are very grateful to NatWest for sponsoring the LinkLine to Welsh. It is a very valuable tool for businesses and organisations who need to translate or proof a handful of words with the assurance that it will be done free of charge and to a high standard."

Haf Elgard of Friends of the Earth Cymru said: "As we work in a field where technical language and terms change often, we tend to use vocabulary which is not that familiar to the public. The LinkLine is invaluable in helping our Welsh-speaking staff to prepare for media interviews and so on. Those staff who don't speak Welsh also use the service regularly and we always keep the LinkLine number handy on the office notice board to encourage everyone to use it."

The free LinkLine service can be accessed online, via email at linkline@byig-wlb.org.uk, or by phone on 0845 607 6070.

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