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New bilingual books aim to reduce fraud scams in Wales

NatWest has launched a series of bilingual books that aim to stop scammers in their tracks in Wales as figures show just five percent of fraud victims report a crime.

The free guides are the latest in NatWest’s Little Book of Big Scams series, produced in partnership with the Metropolitan Police, and include facts and information about the different types of fraud that exist and how to avoid being a victim of one.

Launched at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay by CEO Ross McEwan, this is the first time the books have been published in both English and Welsh. A new guide to help Welsh SMEs avoid cyber scams has also been released.

Other attendees included Victoria Lloyd, CEO of Age Cymru; Gethyn Edwards from the Welsh Language Commissioner’s office; Jennifer Hare, CEO of Manage Money Wales; and NatWest Cymru Community Banker Rachel Williams.

Friends Against Scams

As part of NatWest’s goal to provide Friends Against Scams training to one million people by 2020, Rachel has trained more than 700 people in North West Wales to be more aware of fraudsters.


She said: “These latest versions of the Little Book of Big Scams series raise important awareness of the levels criminals will go to when targeting people through fraud. Scammers are becoming more sophisticated in how they target people and the impact upon a person’s life when they are a victim can be devastating.

“That is why were are working to ensure more people are aware of how to spot a scam and arming them with the information they need to help prevent themselves and their relatives, neighbours and friends becoming victims. If you think you’ve been affected by fraud or are suspicious of unusual activity then it is important you contact your bank immediately, and the police.”

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