Key points:

  • RBS reports a pre-tax profit of £1,642 million for Q1 2014, up from £826 million in Q1 2013. Operating profit(1) for the quarter was £1,501 million, up from £747 million in Q1 2013:
    • Operating profit in the retail and commercial banking businesses(2) was up 36% to £1,373 million, driven by good cost control and improving impairment trends, particularly in UK Corporate and Ulster Bank.
    • Markets operating profit was up 14% to £318 million, with costs down 15%.
    • RBS Capital Resolution (RCR) reduced RWA equivalents(3) by £14 billion during Q1 2014 to £51 billion, with lower than expected operating losses of £114 million.
  • RBS has made good progress towards the implementation of its new three segment business structure and will be reporting on this basis from Q2 2014 onwards.
  • With a Common Equity Tier 1 ratio of 9.4%(4) at 31 March 2014, RBS remains on track to achieve its capital targets.

Press Call replay

To access the replay of the Press Call, please dial-in using one of the following telephone numbers and use the access code below:

UK free call: 0800 953 1533
International: +44 (0) 1452 550 000
USA free call: 1 866 247 4222
Australia free call: 1 800 613 774
Hong Kong free call: 8009 013 93
Singapore free call: 8004 411 242
India free call: 1 800 300 089 80

Replay access code: 31312501


Press call transcript (PDF 74KB)

“Just over two months ago, I set out our plan for making RBS the most trusted bank in the UK. Today’s results show that in steady state, RBS will be a bank that does a great job for customers while delivering good returns for our shareholders.

But we still have a lot of work to do and plenty of issues from the past to reckon with. Everyone at RBS is focused squarely on doing everything we can to earn the trust of our customers and in the process change the banking sector for the benefit of the UK.”

Ross McEwan, Chief Executive

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See our Results Centre for full Q1 IMS 2014 documentation.


(1) Operating profit before tax, own credit adjustments, Payment Protection Insurance costs, Interest Rate Hedging Products redress and related costs, regulatory and legal actions, integration and restructuring costs, gain/(loss) on redemption of own debt, write-down of goodwill and other intangible assets, amortisation of purchased intangible assets, strategic disposals, bank levy and RFS Holdings minority interest (‘operating profit’). Statutory operating profit before tax was £1,642 million for the quarter ended 31 March 2014.

(2) Retail and commercial banking businesses comprise the UK Retail, UK Corporate, Wealth, International Banking, Ulster Bank and US Retail & Commercial divisions.

(3) RWA equivalent (RWAe) is an internal metric that measures the equity capital employed in divisions. RWAe converts both performing and non-performing exposures into a consistent capital measure, being the sum of the regulatory RWAs and the regulatory capital deductions, the latter converted to RWAe by applying a multiplier. The Group applies a CET1 ratio of 10%, consistent with that used for divisional return on equity measure; this results in a CRR RWAe conversion multiplier of 10.

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