Bank holidays became law in 1871 to give workers time off, which meant that other businesses, dependent on banks, followed suit. But the way people bank is changing, so RBS and NatWest are adapting by opening their branches when many customers are not at work.

RBS and NatWest will trial the bank holiday opening in some of the banks’ busiest branches, with a view to opening even more branches on future bank holidays if the trial is successful.
NatWest are due to open a completely new Canary Wharf Crossrails development in the next few weeks and this will be the first of the bank’s branches opening permanently on bank holidays.

Jane Howard, Managing Director of Branch and Private Banking for RBS and NatWest said:
“Customer behaviour is changing and as we work hard to become number one for customer service, trust and advocacy in the UK, we are continually looking at ways to adapt and improve service for our customers.

“Many of our customers have busy lives but are off work on a bank holiday. At a time where many people are thinking about buying a house, we’re breaking with tradition and opening our busiest branches where our customers need us. Whether that’s for a mortgage or just to reflect on their finances, we’re here to help. “

The 34 branches will be open from 10.00am – 3.30pm and will provide the usual banking facilities and the majority will also have their mortgage advisers available to discuss customers’ mortgage requirements.

The list of the 34 branches opened on Monday 4th May is here

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