JUMP aims to motivate RBS colleagues to practise sustainable behaviours at work, including energy saving, recycling and sustainable travel. It was piloted in 2016 across a range of workplace locations including branches, offices and cash centres.


A successful pilot

The RBS Annual Report 2016 highlights that during the JUMP pilot, 1,200 employees logged over 2,500 activities to reduce the bank’s environmental impact.

As well as this, there was a 5% average electricity reduction in pilot locations and over 500,000 disposable cups were saved. This year RBS is forecasting energy savings of £3m as JUMP is introduced to UK and Ireland employees.


Supporting innovation

RBS sourced JUMP through its Innovation Gateway platform, which helps the ideas of the future break into the market by giving innovators and SMEs the opportunity to trial new ideas in a live test environment.

Henry Majed, Partnerships Director for the Innovation Gateway, said: “JUMP is a great example of how corporations can work in partnership to source innovative solutions that achieve their commercial and environmental targets. I am delighted at the prospect of JUMP being scaled up across RBS.”

The award-winning programme is operated by specialist provider Green Rewards. It encourages competition among participating colleagues who enter as teams, and tracks individual and team progress through a digital app.

Mike Lynch, Sustainable Workplace Culture Manager at RBS, said: “Colleagues can earn points for simple actions like switching off electrical equipment, reporting leaks, travelling sustainably and encouraging others to get involved. RBS is committed to reducing the environmental impact of serving customers and JUMP brings all our target areas together under one cohesive programme.”

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