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RBS sets out responsible business practices

RBS has taken a significant step to embed responsible business practices throughout the company. For the first time a set of Sustainability Principles provides a public record of its commitment to operate to the highest standards.

The Sustainability Principles set out the actions that RBS will drive throughout the organisation and the company is committed to being secure, supportive, open, a responsible citizen, and a good employer. There are also five themes that support the principles that we know are important to our stakeholders. They are:

  • Fair banking means getting things right for our customers
  • Supporting enterprise represents one of the most important roles of the financial services sector - supporting the growth of the economy and the creation of jobs and prosperity
  • Employee engagement recognises that our people make the difference for our customers and it is important that we treat them fairly
  • Safety and security means protecting the security of our customers' money and the safety of our people
  • Citizenship and environmental sustainability means that, as a global organisation, we have to manage our broader economic, social and environmental impacts

We believe that balancing the needs of all our stakeholders is the best way to deliver sustainable commercial success.

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