Open to employees from all kinds of backgrounds, the RBS Sikh Network has formally set out its remit as a support network designed to help RBS employees achieve their true potential, through promoting diversity and inclusion within the bank. The network’s objectives have been set around the three basic principles of Sikhism:

1.Honest Living (Kirat Karo) - Organising business networking events, profiling role models and mentoring activities.

2.Meditate on The Divine (Naam Japo) - Supporting colleagues with spirituality and wellbeing.

3.Share with Others (Vand ke Shako) - Participating in a number of community projects.

Launch events to celebrate the new network were held in London and Birmingham and involved a number of activities, which saw RBS employees, including many of the bank’s Executives, fully immerse themselves in learning more about the network. Some experienced wearing a turban, having creative henna tattoos applied and there were also a wide range of stalls to visit hosted by Sikh artists, charities and humanitarian organisations.

James Holian, the Executive Sponsor for the network commented:
“RBS is proud of the proactivity of all its Employee Led Networks and believes that by harnessing diversity and celebrating cultural differences we can understand and serve our customers even better”.

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