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RBS to offer FICC research and strategy via BlackBerry PlayBook

RBS Global Banking and Markets (GBM) today announced it will offer institutional clients access to world-class fixed income, commodity and currency (FICC) research and strategy with a new app developed for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, the latest innovation in mobile technology from Research In Motion (RIM).

RBS's global institutional clients are currently able to access a wide range of strategy and analysis across a variety of asset classes on a daily basis via RBSMarketplace (www.rbsm.com) - a comprehensive research and electronic trading portal, major third-party platforms and cutting-edge mobile solutions. The advent of this new, richly-featured mobile app for the BlackBerry PlayBook will provide RBS's GBM clients with instant access to thought-provoking FICC commentary and strategy reports while on the move.

Launch is planned to coincide with the forthcoming introduction of the BlackBerry PlayBook, when this new app will enhance RBS's existing suite of mobile applications. Clients can now access research and strategy in their preferred format, be it via print, email, rbsm and third-party platforms, the iPad (US Strategy only) and now the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

The app will have a built-in algorithm that identifies clients' defined interests and viewing history to present the most relevant research and strategy to them.

"The development of this app is in response to client demand" said Colin Jowers, Global COO, RBS GBM Research & Strategy. "We surveyed clients by asking detailed questions on their preferred methods of receiving research and strategy, specifically in relation to the information source, access, type of content and preferred providers. More than 1,000 clients from around the globe responded and this new app has been developed in direct response to their feedback."

According to RBS's analysis and survey results, more than 72% of respondents currently use mobile devices to access macro and investment ideas to and from work and nearly 60% of them expect their use to grow over the next six months.

Jowers added: "Research, strategy and tablets are natural partners and we expect the new BlackBerry PlayBook to make a significant impact in the institutional client market and drive adoption rates and use within the overall corporate sector. Successful banks in this space will deliver content optimised for client use on their preferred devices. Mobile access to a website will not be enough."

Commenting on the RBS innovative app, Ron Karpovich, Global Head of FICC Product Management, Electronic Markets at RBS GBM, said: "We are proactively addressing our clients' needs by providing access to mobile platforms so they can benefit from timely, dynamic analysis from our market-leading strategists when and where they need it.

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is predicted to be a game changer for the corporate market and our involvement as the first investment bank to offer a cutting-edge research and strategy app on this device further reinforces RBS's commitment to delivering content that best serves our corporate clients' needs. We will continue our development into the mobile space beyond the launch, leveraging this device as a channel to interact with our clients to provide a wider breadth of global markets products when they are away from their desks".

"With its heritage and global reach in the investment banking space, we're excited to see RBS bringing its innovative research platform to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet," said Jeff McDowell, Senior Vice President, Business and Platform Marketing, RIM. "The BlackBerry PlayBook offers exceptional performance in an ultra-portable design that will appeal to the mobile customers in the investment banking community."

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