Ross took the opportunity to discuss the bank's Independent Lending Review for small and medium sized businesses which is being overseen by Sir Andrew Large.

He visited their Headquarters based in Techcity, Shoreditch, to meet co-founders Alex Will and Henry Erskine Crum. They began banking with NatWest two years ago, and through Listora are trying to democratise event discovery by providing powerful technology to all publishers.

They were able to show Ross how they gather information on upcoming events around the UK and make this information available to other publishers, including Press Association who they’ve just signed a partnership with. Currently Alex and Henry are working with the bank to try and gain additional funding to expand their business. Ross was able to quiz Alex and Henry on the support NatWest had provided them with to date, and what more needs to be done.

Customer feedback

RBS is encouraging all SMEs with concerns around bank finance to submit their feedback to the Independent Lending Review. Customer feedback will be used to ensure the issues most relevant to SMEs are addressed.

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