Sharing information about new types of fraud, and the technologies we can use to beat them is vital. By working closely with the police, Trading Standards, social services, consumer groups, government agencies and broadcasters, we’re able to warn our customers about the latest scams to help them avoid becoming victims.

These are some of our key partnerships in the fight against fraud:

  • City of London Police ― in a ground-breaking collaboration, our staff share their technical knowledge and expertise to help tackle the most complex financial crimes facing the UK.
  • Metropolitan Police ― we work together to create the Little Book of Big Scams, which warns customers about the latest trends in fraud and identity theft.
  • STV ― we recently sponsored a TV show called ‘Stopping Scotland’s Scammers’, which educated consumers on what they can do to prevent becoming a victim of fraud. STV is now working closely with Police Scotland to raise awareness of new scams.

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