As technology has developed over time, so RBS has responded to the needs of customers to develop new and convenient ways of banking.

We asked four people working within RBS and NatWest to discuss how banking has changed over their lifetime. Each person we interviewed has a key role to play in changing the face of personal banking and making it easier for the customer. We challenged them to name as many of the different ways of banking currently available to RBS and NatWest customers as possible.

Brian Holland heads up the team that looks at all the banking service locations RBS and NatWest has for customers, and focuses on making sure they are in the right place at the right time and doing the right things. That includes branches, ATMs, Cash and Deposit Machines, mobile vans and even a flying bank.

Jane Howard, as Head of Customer Experience, looks after a team who ensure that everyone in the Bank is obsessive about customers. They focus on improving the customer experience in every interaction with RBS and NatWest, however they choose to do their banking.

Chris Popple manages RBS and NatWest's digital channels and the ongoing development of services like the banks' mobile apps, online banking services and customer contact over social media.

Sarah Evans works with Chris, and manages the team that answer customers queries on the @NatWest_Help and @RBS_Help twitter feeds, as well as through other social media site including Facebook. Sarah's team also answer customer questions through the webchat service offered within online banking.

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