RBS has announced that by the end of the year it will re-open access to the LINK ATM network for all of its customers. This will benefit one million customers on a Basic Bank Account who have been unable to use non-RBS and NatWest cash machines. This reverses a decision taken in 2011 to limit access to ATMs and is the latest step in RBS’s plan to earn back the trust of its customers.

RBS will continue to work on its long-term plan for the provision of basic banking services for people who might otherwise be excluded from the financial system.

The changes are being driven by a desire to make customers lives easier by giving them the right products and support. RBS’s goal is to secure the long-term future of basic services for those in need and to ensure that every customer has a current account which is appropriate for their individual needs.

RBS CEO Ross McEwan said: 

"We looked at this and decided it just wasn't right. You don't make life harder for those who need your help most. We need to rebuild trust with our customers."

An RBS spokesperson said: 

“We are a bank that is determined to earn back the trust of our customers and the public. We know that we have to make banking easier for all of our customers, particularly those with stretched finances who work hard to make ends meet. Lifting the ATM restriction for Basic Bank Account customers is a step towards earning back that trust, and will make a huge difference to those who have struggled to access their money.”

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